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Important Dates

Welcome to ASRAM2019

In 2019, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) is honored to organize the ASRAM 2019 in Gyeongju, Korea, together with the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) and the Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS). We cordially invite leaders, researchers and practitioners from Asian countries as well as the other areas, to participate in the multi-disciplinary and informative forum, ASRAM 2019.

The first Asian Symposium on Risk Assessment and Management (ASRAM) was held in Korea in 2016. It was the first Asian symposium on probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) and risk management to provide opportunity to exchange information, present research results, review the state of the industry, discuss future directions, and foster friendship. After that, ASRAM2017 and ASRAM2018 have been successfully held in Japan and China, respectively.

In this background, we are sure that ASRAM 2019 would be the best place where every stakeholder of civilian use of nuclear energy including researchers, practitioners, regulators and general public gets together and discusses ideas.

Guideline for Authors

Please use the template of the extended abstract. American spelling should be used. Abbreviations are allowed but should be spelt out in full when first used. Integers ten and below are to be spelt out. Authors are required to submit their manuscripts both in PDF and the typeset source (MS-Word or LaTex) formats...

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