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Title Full Paper Submission is now available.
Writer ASRAM 2019 Date 2019-07-08 10:59:50 Hit 2208
Attach file ASRAM2019_Paper_Template.doc (73.50KB)
ASRAM2019_Copyright_form.doc (37.50KB)

Dear Author(s),

Now, you can upload your full papers for the accepted abstracts via ASRAM homepage.

1. Go to this URL:

2. Enter your login details

3. Click [Mypage] on the top of the website

4. Click [Submission of Abstract]

5. Click [Full Paper Submission] on the bottom of the website

6. Select your full paper file using the [Full Paper File] button

7. Select your scanned copyright file using the [Copyright Form File] button

Please upload your signed copyright with your full paper.

The full paper submission due is 15 August 2019. For the effective review process of full papers, please upload your paper before the due date.